China will launch a state-owned video streaming service later this year as part of its efforts to combat content piracy in the country.

A TV2U-led alliance comprising hardware supplier Stereoscope Cloud and automation specialist Vector International will develop the new service, which is based on the TARA TV management cloud entertainment platform.

As TV2U has established relationships with major content providers, Chinese consumers can expect easy and legal access to premium video content through the new streaming service.

And since TV2U fully controls each streaming session, it can also cut off non-approved users or pirated streams easily, giving the Chinese government an effective means to counter piracy.

To encourage consumers to use the state-owned service rather than search for illegally streamed movies, a loyalty scheme similar to traditional retail loyalty schemes will be introduced.

Chinese consumers will be able to earn points from shopping online or interacting with advertisements. The points are redeemable against pay-per-view premium content and other products and services provided through the TV2U platform.

TV2U will also be able to ingest local Chinese content into its global content network and offer it to subscribers outside of China.

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